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Panoramic photos are always a bit of a problem to view. As you can see below, when viewed as a whole image it’s simply an interesting view of a scene. In this case it’s a picture of Newcastle and Gateshead Quaysides, showing an unusual 220ยบ angle of view.

Panoramic of Newcastle Quayside
Normal view

Okay that’s pretty neat. But it’s a 80MB image comprising of about 10 separate carefully shot images that are then stitched together by some clever software. There’s a huge amount of information in that picture that you can’t normally appreciate, unless you were to sell a kidney and print it up on a billboard.

But there’s another way to present this photo so that you can zoom in and pan around the image. It’s by a company called Zoomify and Adobe have incorporated it into Photoshop CS4 as an ‘Export…’ option, so even numpties like me can make it work. There’s nothing new about all this, but I just discovered it and think it’s really quite cool – take a look below.

Panoramic of Newcastle Quayside

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