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Canon EOS 1D Mk IV + Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS II USM

Canon, what are you thinking? Are you indeed thinking at all?

So, you’re in dire need to replace the EOS 1D Mk III due to it’s perceived image of dodgy focussing (I’ve no idea if these problems exist or not, but it’s been irrevocably labelled with this malfunction) and no amount of free fixes and firmware updates have dispelled these beliefs. Combined with Nikon releasing a digital camera that people actually wanted to own and use (the Nikon D3 – fantastic camera) and then bribed significant members of the photographic community to switch to Nikon, by offering trade-in deals that only a raving idiot could refuse.

So you eventually bring out the Mk IV, and it’s looking like a cracker of a camera – hurrah! Costing £4,500 … that’s a typo, surely … no, that’s almost £2000 more than the Mk III costs. Insanity.

Then you announce an updated version of the good ol’ faithful EF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS – excellent news. Costing £2,800 … aha, another typo … no, that’s nearly £1,300 more. Mind-boggling.

So Canon, do you actually want to sell any of these goodies? Yes, times are hard. But they’re hard for everyone, especially photographers who are universally struggling to put food on their plates.

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