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This made me smile

I’ve been ignoring this blog for far too long. But I have plans afoot. First things first, there’s some technical guff (upgrades, design tweaks etc) that I need to work through first, and hopefully avoid taking the whole website off-line in the process! Anyway, saw this cartoon today that made me smile; on the excellent ‘What the Duck‘ website, so I thought I’d share it.

Good news sells

I shot some pictures for a lovely heart-warming tale a few days ago. It’s a simple story about a cute little baby called Finley, who was ‘frozen’ to try to bring his erratic heartbeat under control after a couple of heart operations at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital. Nothing too out of the ordinary there. But inexplicably, the story went global. It was printed in most of the UK’s national papers (front page of the Daily Mail), also appeared on their websites, […]