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Finley Burton with mum Donna Link-Emery
Finley Burton with mum Donna
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I shot some pictures for a lovely heart-warming tale a few days ago. It’s a simple story about a cute little baby called Finley, who was ‘frozen’ to try to bring his erratic heartbeat under control after a couple of heart operations at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital.

Nothing too out of the ordinary there. But inexplicably, the story went global.

It was printed in most of the UK’s national papers (front page of the Daily Mail), also appeared on their websites, foreign papers published it, deals were done with magazines, ITN followed it up, US TV stations ABC and CBS loved it, speciality medical websites have featured it. And they’re just the ones I know about the following day. International syndication will spread it even further. It’s truly astounding.

Seasoned colleagues are also a little baffled by its unexpected (though very welcome) popularity. Originally we thought it might possibly make a piece for a women’s magazine and a website or two. Didn’t dream it would explode worldwide. Thrilled it has.

It just goes to show that a cute baby ‘good news’ story that’s about something other than the World Cup and its omnipresent vuvuzelas, Cumbrian shooting tragedy etc. will sell, and sell well. That really is good news.

But even better news is that to show their profound gratitude, Finley’s parents are fundraising for CHUF (Childrens Heart Unit Fund) and the icing on the cake would be if donations from readers significantly boost their efforts, in addition to the money they will receive from their share of the sales of this story.

(NB: If your browser can not display ‘flash’ content, or you’re using an iPhone etc you can view the photos here.)

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