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Illustrative photo for blog…an inordinately long while, since I posted something on this blog.

It’s a new year, almost, so I’ll endeavour to post various bits and pieces here in the coming days, weeks and months.

The biggest problem for me is what to write:
• Photo galleries?
• Technical tips & tricks?
• Personal experiences?
• Tutorials on lighting, photography or post-processing?
• Personal opinions on news, or photo/journo related topics?
• Reviews of photography paraphernalia?
• Or all of the above?

My next biggest problem is:

• Does anybody really care what I’ve got to say? Please don’t answer that. 🙂

Rather than make a decision, I’m going to write a range of different types of article and then let the Google Analytics reports for my website inform me what people actually are reading – if anything.

At the very least, my meandering jottings should help my website SEO ratings (Search Engine Optimisation – don’t ask, nobody appears to fully understand it, least of all me).

So, let the diatribe begin…

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