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Happy Christmas

Wishing you all a fantastic time. Cheers! Tony

Good news sells

I shot some pictures for a lovely heart-warming tale a few days ago. It’s a simple story about a cute little baby called Finley, who was ‘frozen’ to try to bring his erratic heartbeat under control after a couple of heart operations at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital. Nothing too out of the ordinary there. But inexplicably, the story went global. It was printed in most of the UK’s national papers (front page of the Daily Mail), also appeared on their websites, […]

A better way to view panoramics

Panoramic photos are always a bit of a problem to view. As you can see below, when viewed as a whole image it’s simply an interesting view of a scene. In this case it’s a picture of Newcastle and Gateshead Quaysides, showing an unusual 220ยบ angle of view. Okay that’s pretty neat. But it’s a 80MB image comprising of about 10 separate carefully shot images that are then stitched together by some clever software. There’s a huge amount of information […]