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Goodbye 2011…

…it’s been a pretty crap year. While I’ve had many really interesting commissions, met and worked with some fantastic people and produced some really pleasing images – it’s been a fairly quiet year for work. I’m hoping 2012 will be a great year. Alas, the current news reports don’t exactly bode well and I really can’t see the Olympics or Queen’s Diamond Jubilee putting a few quid into my pockets. While I’d love to be a Corporal Jones type character, […]

This made me smile

I’ve been ignoring this blog for far too long. But I have plans afoot. First things first, there’s some technical guff (upgrades, design tweaks etc) that I need to work through first, and hopefully avoid taking the whole website off-line in the process! Anyway, saw this cartoon today that made me smile; on the excellent ‘What the Duck‘ website, so I thought I’d share it.

Britain’s sexiest farmer

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the lovely Anna Simpson for a story that she has just been crowned “Britain’s sexiest female farmer” in a poll by Farmer’s Weekly magazine. The shoot wasn’t ideal; freezing temperatures in a less than perfect location (her work place rather than her idyllic family farm in North Yorkshire) as the shoot had to be organised in a rush. But with Anna’s enthusiasm and a little photographic creativity we got a really nice set […]

A better way to view panoramics

Panoramic photos are always a bit of a problem to view. As you can see below, when viewed as a whole image it’s simply an interesting view of a scene. In this case it’s a picture of Newcastle and Gateshead Quaysides, showing an unusual 220º angle of view. Okay that’s pretty neat. But it’s a 80MB image comprising of about 10 separate carefully shot images that are then stitched together by some clever software. There’s a huge amount of information […]

TV celeb learns a lesson

Legendary children’s TV über-celebrity Pingu, learns a valuable life lesson… Always employ a professional photographer. Doing it on the cheap only ends in tears, and there’s nothing sadder than a beloved little penguin in tears. 🙂 If it’s important, it’s important to do it right.

How much? Canon, are you insane?

Canon, what are you thinking? Are you indeed thinking at all? So, you’re in dire need to replace the EOS 1D Mk III due to it’s perceived image of dodgy focussing (I’ve no idea if these problems exist or not, but it’s been irrevocably labelled with this malfunction) and no amount of free fixes and firmware updates have dispelled these beliefs. Combined with Nikon releasing a digital camera that people actually wanted to own and use (the Nikon D3 – […]

Every year…

…I have the dubious pleasure of photographing my lovely nephews and niece. Every year things never go as smoothly as I’d like. You’d think it’d be the easiest thing in the world, but it’s good ol’ Uncle Tony taking the photos, so simply sitting still for just a couple of minutes is an impossibility. 🙄 Maybe I should be a little scarier and then, maybe, they would spare me a few minutes out of their playtime. Never mind. Managed to […]